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Common IPhone Problems and How to Fix Them

Most of the people own I Phone with pride but it has also a lot of issues that can make your life complicated. Most of the home users feel trouble to connect wifi, or sometimes their microphone unable to work properly sometimes they feel trouble with the iPhone unresponsive screen, apps, crashes without warning and more. Here is a list of the most common problems and a few tips to fix them. Unable to connect to wifi – if your wifi is not working properly instead of switching the wifi off you can try it for your airplane mode.

If you still didn’t working restart your phone by pressing the power button till the Apple logo appears. After rebooting you are still not able to connect to the internet go to an iPhone repair shop for making the HTTP setting proxy to auto. If your Microphone is not working check the permission to use the microphone.

For that purpose, you have to go to setting, privacy, and microphone. You can also go to setting, general, and accessibility for turning off the phone noise cancellation. If still doesn’t get any positive result contact to iPhone repair Professional for fixing your problem. If you are facing a Frozen and unresponsive screen then power off your Apple mobile phone and then restart your Phone.

Hold and press the power button until the phone logo appears. Apps crash without warning problem can be solved by double-pressing the home button for the app manager and then kill the apps by swiping it. Reopen the app and verify that all the apps are up to date. After updating the app, still, the problem exists then you have to update your phone with the latest software

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